Saturday, July 13, 2013

The GMO-Free Revolution has Reached the U.S.

Of course, the mainstream media has nothing to stay about it, but The Oregonian at least disdained to report on it on their Web site. And the blogsphere has blown up over it. I'm talking about GMO fields being systematically destroyed by fire in Oregon, which the FBI calls "economic sabotage" and even DOMESTIC TERRORISM. Really? So, what exactly does the FBI call the systematic destruction of honeybee colonies around the world, which is threatening the global food supply? Oh, right. It's called "Colony Collapse Disorder" because calling it "Death by Design" isn't as marketing ready. You see, bees, in Monsanto's eyes, have the potential to carry pollen from their genetically-modified crops over to neighboring crops, resulting in cross-pollination and - GASP - completely unintentional copyright infringement. Why should a world power like Monsanto care if honeybees are dying off (though, take what you read on the USDA's site with a grain of is being run by a bunch of Monsanto cronies. I use the USDA as a source because at least Monsanto is putting up some sort of front about tackling the problem)? They're probably already in the process of designing a product that can "replace" the honey bee.

 Despite their efforts the media has not been able to prevent us from catching wind of what's happening to GMO crops around the world. The people have spoken, and now the States are joining in with the chorus. The jig is up, Monsanto. Your products are killing off the world's honey bee population, and we need the honey bee. A LOT.